It all started, when I stopped racing on a snowboard and movement in free space attracted me more than a park or a ramp.

At the time there wasn’t any proper gear for terrain on the market. I tried splitboard from Burton, but it didn’t meet my expectations. I even converted to the skis for a while. From these actions I came to a conclusion: For my trips to the wild terrain I need something that will take me uphill as lightly as skis and at the same time I’ll be able to go downhill as on a snowboard. Nobody will convince me that riding downhill on skis can compete with the feeling of riding down on a snowboard.

Riding on ice is a battle and it doesn’t matter if you have skis or a snowboard. However, when it comes to everything else, for me the snowboard is the winner. It gave me no choice but to start my journey of trial and error to invent the perfect tool for wild terrain.

With the help of Jára Šonka, a constructer and an owner of enough CNC machines to make a baseplate from one piece of dural, we started inventing bindings, one of the difficulties of splitboarding at the time. Luděk Váša, who worked for SP bindings, helped us to answer the question of where to get the straps and parts for our bindings - with his help we were able to complete our invention.

Everything went well until Spark R&D released to the market their new bindings -  and it was basically the same as ours. And because Spark was able to deliver their bindings for the same price I paid just for the production of mine, we agreed on a collaboration. The whole problem with splitboard bindings was solved.

Splitboards at the time were homemade, usually out of snowboards chopped in half. It may sound a bit wild but at that time we didn’t have other options.

Ota Tyl, the brain behind GARA, who has been inventing splitboards and snowboards for over 10 years.

Those chopped snowboards kind of worked in powder but in overall they were tough. When riding downhill our crafted splitboards were torsionally soft and don’t make me start about walking uphill - it was a hard life experience. 

At the time I made some money so I decided to invest in developing my own splitboard. The plan was to make a splitboard that would go uphill easily as skis and downhill like a snowboard. Without any compromises. 

Each year we make more adjustments to get closer and closer to the original plan I have been striving for. And with each year, with newer and better technologies, our boards are becoming the perfect tools for your adventures.

See you out there!

Ota Tyl, the brain behind GARA, who has been inventing splitboards and snowboards for over 10 years.